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The Authors

Tim Houlne

Tim Houlne is a visionary whose longstanding, futuristic predictions about the virtual workforce are now a reality. He recognizes and understands trends, and uses that unique knowledge to transform industries across the business landscape. His understanding of the virtual workplace is unparalleled, and his drive to uncover new concepts is matched only by his passion for growing profitable businesses. Tim holds the position of CEO at Working Solutions, a premier virtual agent and technology solutions provider in Dallas, Texas.

Terri Maxwell

Terri Maxwell provides game-changing insights that transform businesses, people, and industries. She is an impactful, passionate leader known for simplifying formulas for success and igniting potential. In a career that spans more than 20 years, Terri has put her talents to work for large and small companies, and is a well-known consultant to small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate growth. Terri is President and CEO of Share on Purpose™, an investment and holding company responsible for launching dozens of meaningful ventures. In addition she is the founder and Managing Partner of a small business growth strategy firm, GROrx, specializing in $5-$50M owner-led firms who seek aggressive growth.  Terri is also founder and CEO of Succeed on Purpose, a personal and professional transformation platform for business, career and personal success.

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