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Virtual workers, CEO’s and book fans weigh in!

The next generation of professionals is wired differently and has different priorities. Young people have no use for the inefficiency of a commute or the limitations of the cube. Culturally, they were born into a virtual world and instinctively know how to maximize virtual collaboration tools to be effective virtually. If companies want to remain relevant to this next generation of talent, they will have to build a strategy that includes virtual work.

- Tammy Valdez,   Senior Vice President, LifeLock

It’s clear that-given the right qualifications and support-workers are more productive in home offices, often by several percentage points.

- Dan Bell,   President and CEO, Mobile America.

The Number One benefit of Information Technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.

- Steve Ballmer,   CEO, Microsoft Corporation


For me, the real WOW factor in the virtual model is the nimbleness/ flexibility it offers. For example, we did a program for a toll-free 800 company and were able to staff (using an at-home model) for their peak time, minute-by-minute because we had the staff ready and waiting! That kind of flexibility is a must in today’s competitive global environment.

- Paulo Silva,   Vice President, Latin American, Xerox

As well as embracing the virtual work model, businesses must create physical spaces that can easily integrate to the virtual world to drive productivity and innovation.

- Dan Fallon,   Former CTO Navistar and Board Co-Chair School of Applied Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology

In order for a virtual model to be successful, you have to trust employees out of the gate. It’s like sending your children off to college; you have to trust that they’ll make the right decisions and be successful.

- Jeanne Jones,   Director of Consumer Affairs, ConAgra Foods

Virtualization is happening all around us: work processes, systems, software, hardware, and the list continues. And the exciting part is that it is really just starting.

- Andy Geisse,   CEO, AT&T Business Solutions

“I would never go back to corporate America. My hours are flexible, I can pick my own schedule (not something I could do in my corporate job) and I feel well-compensated for what I do.”

- Kimmie Heard, Virtual Worker since 2006

“People think that when you work from home you get to sit around and watch TV. It does not work that way. It’s just like a regular job. Treat it like one and you’ll prosper. Don’t treat it like a regular job you won’t make it.”

- Todd Sullivan, Virtual Worker since 2007

“I’m speechless and have run out of adjectives to describe how fabulous this was. The research, information and delivery is simply incomparable. With this information, job seekers are now able to think about their efforts to find work in ways they had never done before.”

- Claire Turner, Program Director, The Senior Source

“I would much rather do what I’m doing now solo. It’s great! I never want to go back to work for a large company. I save lots of money on commute expenses, business clothes, and have significantly less distractions than working in an office environment.”

- Maureen Cutler, Virtual Worker since 2011

“Working from home lets you work anywhere. Now we are traveling across the country and spending time where we want. We plan to move to Oregon and get to keep our jobs. You can’t do that with a normal job.”

- Connie Sorensen, Virtual Worker since 2011

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